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Slivovitz Museum

Slivovitz is an exquisite alcoholic beverage which has been being produced mainly in Central and Eastern Europe for centuries. It is so typical for both Moravia and Bohemia that we may call it a national beverage and export silver without any exaggeration.

Experience with slivovitz aroma

At R. JELÍNEK museum of slivovitz, you have the unique possibility to reveal its history. You may look forward to interesting projections, genuine exhibits and even to an exclusive 5D show with virtual reality.

Tasting included

The interactive exhibition offers the unforgettable experience from the world of fruit spirits production, the history of distillery in Vizovice and life in Wallachia. You may look into the fates of families working their ways in the distillery as well.

What awaits you?

  • Fifty-five-minute interactive, guideless tour in Czech and English (other languages with audio-guide)
  • Tasting of 3 R. JELÍNEK products and 3 Wallachian finger food
  • Tours start every 15 minutes (capacity of 12 people per tour)
  • The audioguides are available on request. Ask our staff.(DE, RU, FR, IT, ES, JA, CHI, HE, KO)
  • The current opening hours can be found on the home page.


  • Tour with basic tasting - 450 CZKThe tasting includes 3 R. JELÍNEK products and 3 types of Wallachian finger food.
  • Tour with premium tasting - 550 CZKThe tasting includes 3 R. JELÍNEK kosher products and 3 types of Wallachian finger food.
  • Tour with alcohol-free tasting - 450 CZKThe tasting includes Plum lemonade and 3 types of Wallachian finger food.
  • Children under the age of 15 accompanied by an adult are free of charge (tasting is not included).


  • Tickets may be purchased at the shop or online at
  • Tickets for groups may be purchased at the shop only.
  • Tickets for children under the age of 6 may be purchased at the shop only.

Tasting is a part of the tour

  • Three types of Wallachian finger food/Plum Lemonade
  • Three R. JELÍNEK products
  • Served at the end of the tour in the tasting bar
tasting is part of the tour in the Slivovitz Museum R. JELÍNEK in Prague

We care about your safety:

  • one tour is for a maximum of 6 people, a larger group is only possible in the case of one family
  • wearing a respirator or NANO mask is mandatory in all indoor and outdoor areas
  • the Covid-19 test is not required
  • the exposition is open only to individual visitors and is without a guide
  • the tour still includes a tasting of three fruit spirits/plum lemonade and three Wallachian canapés
  • we observe the prescribed hygienic measures – disinfection is prepared at the entrances, we pay attention to keeping a social distance and  we also have a germicidal lamp placed, which absorbs bacteria, in the exposition
  • persons subject to quarantine and persons showing any symptoms of Covid-19 are prohibited from entering.
  • entry to the Slivovice Museum is at your own risk, we do not guarantee the health of visitors

Due to the alcohol content, the basic and premium tastings that are part of the exhibition are intended only for visitors over 18 years of age. In accordance with the Act on the Protection of Health against Harmful Effects of Addictive Substances No. 65/2017 Coll. we do not serve alcohol to adolescents under 18 years of age.

For those under 18 years of age , entry to the exhibition is allowed only with the consent and under a constant supervision of parents or other responsible accompanying persons over 18 years of age, fully competent to perform legal acts (e.g. teachers, guides).