R. Jelínek Bar

Stylish bar with an atmosphere of the modern Walachia and a complete offer of R. JELÍNEK distillates.

Slivovitz, available in many variants, is together with other fruit distillates the domain of the bar. Our bar meets even the demand of those who indulge in mixed drinks or liqueurs. If you are unable to opt for any choice within our offer, we may also offer you tasting sets in combination with typical Wallachian finger food.

Our experienced bartenders will take care of you and provide you with maximum service.

Visit the TASTING BAR R. JELÍNEK and find out how tasty the tradition is!

Opening hours

  • The current opening hours can be found on the home page
  • Reservation: +420 724 814 034
  • Stylish bar, catering provision
  • Private events, seminars, conferences for up to 150 people
  • Rental space - separate rooms or entire complex (for up to 300 people)
Stylový degustační bar
Ochutnávková část Muzea slivovice

If you are interested in event organizing, do not hesitate to contact our manager